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Why do you need Bitcoin in Poker?
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Bitcoin Poker

Why do you need Bitcoin in Poker?

Date Published: 26th October 2020
Author: Matt Clarke
Bitcoin poker is really the same as traditional poker, but with the added feature of being able to make deposits and withdrawals from your Bitcoin wallet. To do this, you send the number of Bitcoins from your wallet, which will then be converted to real cash for you to use. Playing poker and other online games using Bitcoin as the medium of exchange has major benefits for all parties involved.

Compared to old currencies like the USD, AUD, et cetera, payment through the use of a digital currency like Bitcoin is more efficient. Being able to withdraw or deposit money from Betting sites with the use of Bitcoins is in addition more secure than making use of regular currency. Digital currencies are encrypted and are secured by blockchain technology, meaning that as a player, you do not have to be afraid of being traced back to your home, as the security of your transactions is guaranteed.

Why do you need Bitcoin in Poker?

Demand for cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly across the globe, becoming more popular daily. Because of this online casinos are adopting the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum to secure their customers. Major online poker websites take a long time to process withdrawals of regular currency due to its dependence on Banks to be completed. Some take 3 to 5 days to complete the withdrawal process, but payment with Bitcoin is fast taking less than 24 hours to complete. Since Bitcoin can be sent or received from any part of the world, this eliminates the paperwork associated with sending money to far places.

A cryptocurrency account can be created without the need of banks, to create a wallet you just have to download the wallet and store your cryptocurrency within the wallet. There are multiple wallets and the choice is dependent on you alone. Playing poker with Bitcoins ensures that the player stays anonymous when withdrawing their funds. In countries where gambling is restricted, you can keep playing without consequence as Bitcoin is untraceable so sensitive data never gets into the hands of unauthorized persons.

A cryptocurrency account can be created

Sites that make use of Bitcoin are relatively cheaper than traditional poker casinos. Old fashioned online poker websites are expensive, charging for all transactions on the site. Because Bitcoin is decentralized, capable of operating independently of a central bank, unnecessary taxes related to depositing or withdrawing of funds can be evaded. Additional paperwork isn't necessary either for transactions to be made between players on online Bitcoin poker websites.

Online poker sites offer more value and bonuses than traditional poker, the value of Bitcoin keeps rising every day. When making transactions with Bitcoins in poker, you are provided with an option to withdraw your earnings in real cash giving you more money. You can also opt to save up your coins and watch Bitcoin prices in the market, exchanging for real money only when you can earn more money. Finally, the use of Bitcoins in online gaming is many times more beneficial than the use of regular cash, sign up for Bitcoin poker, and start enjoying these benefits.

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